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Frostpunk, City-Survival Sim Release Date Set For April 24th On Steam

11 Bit Studios announced that Frostpunk is due for release on Steam starting April 24th next month. The news was…

Frostpunk Will Cost $29.99; Dev Video Covers Despotism And Tough Choices

11 Bit Studios released a new four minute developer update video featuring more content and gameplay from the upcoming release…

Frostpunk Trailer Reveals Steampunk Automatons

11 Bit Studios released a new video for Frostpunk, their upcoming post-apocalyptic strategy game is still coming along and they’re…

Tower 57 Review: Almost Human…
Tower 57 Review

I really wanted to love Tower 57. It’s everything that I think a new-school, pixelated, hand-drawn, twin-stick shooter should be……

Tower 57 Now Available On PC And It Doesn’t Have Loot Boxes
Tower 57

11 Bit Studios and Pixwerk announced that their pixel rogue-like, Tower 57, is currently available for purchase on digital distribution…

Frostpunk Gameplay Video Reveals The Harsh Realities Of Surviving A Winter Apocalypse

11 Bit Studios’ upcoming survival strategy game, Frostpunk, is a unique mixture of city management, social diplomacy, and survival simulation….

Frostpunk Is A City-Building Survival Game Where Heat Is A Fleeting Resource

11 Bit Studios recently announced that their game Frostpunk is on the way. The title comes from the same minds…

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