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20XX Is Said To Be What Mighty No. 9 Should Have Been

Disappointed in the fiasco that was Mighty No. 9? Well, there’s a new Mega Man-like game out right now on…

Miner Meltdown Graduates From Early Access, Available On Steam For $6.99
Miner Meltdown

Mighty Pebble Games announced that Miner Meltdown, the pixelated 2D action game, has officially graduated from Early Access and is…

Studio MDHR Confirms Cuphead PC, Xbox One $19.99 Price Tag

Cuphead is an upcoming 2D hand-drawn platformer. The developer, Studio MDHR, recently opened up to fans about Cuphead’s pricing and…

Cave Story+ Review: Switch Underground
Cave Story Nintendo Switch Review

[Disclosure: A review key was provided for the contents of this article] Whilst I do love the way in which…

Sundered Gameplay Walkthrough
Sundered Walkthrough

Thunder Lotus Games’ Sundered for PC and PS4 is a visually creative Metroidvania that recently released. Some gamers may find…

Metroid: Samus Returns SDCC Video Demonstrates Lightning Armor, Melee Counters
Metroid Samus Returns

A new 15 minute video was posted up over on IGN, giving gamers a few more details about the upcoming…

The End Is Nigh, Apocalyptic Platformer Launches On Steam For $14.99
The End is Nigh

A game set during the rise of Armageddon called The End is Nigh has officially launched on Steam. The budget-priced…

Future Fragments, 18+ Metroidvania Puts Players In A Future Where Sex Is Outlawed
Future Fragments

A hentai-themed 2D Metroidvania with hand-painted visuals, extremely smooth animations, and action-oriented gameplay is currnetly in development called Future Fragments….

Wonder Boy Guide: Here’s How To Find Hearts, Stones And The Gallic Sword

Need help finding hearts, stones and the Gallic Sword in Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap? If so, hopefully this guide…

Eon Break Turns Nikola Tesla Into A Time-Traveling Action Hero
Eon Break

Glad Rock’s Eon Break is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter. The futuristic, space-manipulating, action-platformer is looking for $50,000 to complete…

The End Is Nigh, Apocalyptic Platformer Hits Steam On July 12th
The End is Nigh

Edmund McMillen and Tyler Glaiel’s upcoming post-apocalyptic platformer The End is Nigh is set to release on July 12th next…

Pixel Worlds, Maple Story-Esque MMO Side-Scroller Launches June 9th On Steam
Pixel Worlds

A casual adventure MMO from Finnish gaming studio Kukouri Mobile Entertainment called Pixel Worlds will officially launch on June 9th….

Randall, Telepathic Platformer Delayed To June 6th On PC, PS4

We The Force Studios’ action-platformer, Randall, won’t be launching on May 30th as it was originally intended to. Due to…

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