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Iconoclasts’ Religious Themes Has Some Gamers Paranoid About SJW Propaganda

β€œIs this game SJW propaganda?” It’s a question that’s being asked almost constantly and with the frequency of every new…

Iconoclasts, Mega Man-Style Boss Rush Game Lands On PS4 Jan 23rd
Iconoclasts PS4 Release

Iconoclasts creator, Joakim Sandberg from Bifrost Entertainment, talked a bit about the upcoming Iconoclasts for the PS4 and PS Vita,…

Planetoid Pioneers, Physicsvania Platformer Graduates From Early Access On Feb 8th
Planetoid Pioneers

A so-called sci-fi Physicsvania action-platformer from developer Data Realms is prepping to graduate from Steam’s Early Access division. The name…

The Messenger Pays Homage To Ninja Gaiden With 8-Bit And 16-Bit Gameplay
The Messenger

Sabotage Studio’s newly announced side-scrolling, hack-and-slash platformer, The Messenger, is a throwback to the classic ninja games from the late…

MegaMan X Corrupted, Fan Project Gameplay Stream Shows Off Zero

JKB Games is a small indie team that is working on a fan project for PC called MegaMan X Corrupted….

Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy Sells 280,000 Copies In Two Weeks
Getting Over It

Bennett Foddy’s completely bizarre puzzle-platformer, Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy, has become a sales phenomenon. The $7.99 offbeat indie…

Freedom Planet 2 Demo 1.0.5 Update Available For Download
Freedom Planet 2 Demo

The latest version of the Freedom Planet 2 demo is currently available for download right now. Version 1.0.5 is being…

Jazz Jackrabbit, Classic 90s PC Icon Hops Onto GOG.com
Jazz Jackrabbit

GOG.com sent out word that they are now hosting Epic Games’ classic 2D side-scrolling platformer, Jazz Jackrabbit. Back when Nintendo…

Cupsouls Mashes Cuphead And Dark Souls Together Into A Retro 2D Romp

Game journalists don’t regularly play games, nor do they have a sound understanding of gaming history. Everything that poses any…

Light Fall Teaser Trailer Highlights A Speedrunner’s Paradise
Light Fall

Bishop Games released a new teaser trailer for their upcoming side-scrolling puzzle game, Light Fall. One of the core features…

Studio MDHR Talks Gambling With The Devil And Making Cuphead

Cuphead has found massive success after release despite having a tediously designed art-style and was delayed out 2016. The game…

Battle Chef Brigade Arrives On Nintendo Switch November 20th
Battle Chef Brigade

Trinket Studios announced that Battle Chef Brigade will make its way to the Nintendo Switch and Steam starting November 20th….

Ayo: A Rain Tale, Side-Scrolling Survival Game Lands On Steam November 9th
Ayo A Rain Tale

A side-scrolling, platforming survival game set within the Sub-Saharan desert called Ayo: A Rain Tale is set to arrive on…

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