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Celeste Cheats Feature God Mode, No Death Count, Unlimited Jumps
Celeste Cheats

Matt Makes Games’ Celeste managed to find itself thrust back into the spotlight with a major new content update and…

Celeste Update Includes Gay And Trans Pride Flags
Celeste Trans Flag

Matt Makes Games’ Celeste was always suspected of being a game themed around Left-wing propaganda, but there was never any…

Aladdin, Lion King Getting HD Re-Releases On PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox

A lot of people were curious as to why Disney’s Aladdin and Lion King were removed from Steam and GOG.com…

Shovel Knight Adds “They/Them” Gender Pronoun Options
Shovel Knight

We continue to see our society fall by the wayside. The next step down the rabbit hole of societal decay…

Mega Man X: Corrupted Gains New Gameplay Update Trailer

The small indie team known as JKB Games has released a new update video showing off Mega Man X: Corrupted….

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Releases On January 21st, 2020
Mega Man ZX Collection

[Update:] It’s been revealed that Capcom is bringing Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection to Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch…

Death, Love And Carrots Has A “Urinalist” Difficulty Mode Tailored For Game Journalists
love death and carrots

Indie developer Thraxx Media recently updated the side-scrolling platformer, Death, Love & Carrots, to include a brand new difficulty mode…

Taimumari: Complete Edition, Hardcore 2D Platformer Launches on Switch

If you’re looking for a hardcore 2D hack-and-slash platformer that will challenge you, force you into frustration, and make you…

Hollow Knight Cheats Give You Infinite Geo, Unlimited Health
Hollow Knight Cheats

Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight became a sleeper hit success of 2017. The game went on to release on the PS4,…

Songbird Symphony, Music-Rhythm Platformer Now Available
Songbird Symphony

Developer Joysticks Studios and Publisher PQube Limited have come together to release Songbird Symphony on PS4, Switch, and Steam. The…

Greak: Memories Of Azur, Hand-Drawn Platforming-Adventure Coming In 2020
Greak Memories of Azur

Mexican indie developers Navagante are working on a new side-scrolling, hand-drawn, platforming adventure game called Greak: Memories of Azur. It’s…

Aggelos, Retro-Platformer That Isn’t 8-Bit Hipster Trash Is Now Available On PS4, Xbox One

A lot of indie games supposedly made to replicate the 8-bit era are usually horribly designed hipster trash with blobs…

Horace, 16-Bit Inspired Action-Platformer Hearkens Back To The Golden Age Of Gaming

After seven years of development, veteran game developer Paul Helman (not to be confused with promoter and producer Paul Heyman)…

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