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Ayura Crisis! R18+ Side-Scrolling Beat-’em-Up Launches On DLSite With Free Demo
Ayura Crisis

Q2 released the side-scrolling R18+ side-scrolling beat-’em-up on DLSite. The game is currently available for $11.52. The best part about…

Parasite In The City H-Game Enters Early Access December 12th On Steam [Updated]
Parasite in the City

[Update 12/5/2018:] The original developer of Parasite in the City made a post on his website indicating that the upcoming…

A Robot Named Fight Deathmatch Update Adds New Enemies, 4-Player Split-Screen
A Robot Named Fight

The hardcore, side-scrolling gore-and-gun shooter, A Robot Named Fight, will receive a brand new deathmatch update for the Nintendo Switch…

Cleaversoft Makes Dragon Soup For a Unique EarthNight Experience

Call your game a runner and immediately one thinks of sleep deprived middle-aged men tapping away at their phones in…

Dehumanized Cheats Unlock God Mode, Infinite Coins

BurningDust Games’ Dehumanized popped into Early Access on Steam like a zit popping on a pubescent teens face or a…

Door Kickers: Action Squad, High-Impact 2D Shooter Graduates From Early Access On Steam
Door Kickers

Romanian development outfit Killhouse Games announced that Door Kickers: Action Squad is currently available right now on Steam after having…

Humanity’s Being Reset and You, Overly Optimistic Bard, Need a new Wandersong

Bicycling 5K miles over 5 months across the United States should leave anyone knackered for a good while but not…

Dungeon Kitty R18+ Patch Available For Side-Scrolling Platformer
Dungeon Kitty

Zov Game Studio’s Dungeon Kitty released on Steam for PC on August 31st, 2018. How it managed to escape Valve’s…

The Messenger Cheats Give You Infinite Health, Infinite Jumps
The Messenger Cheats

Sabotage and Devolver Digital’s The Messenger came out back on August 30th for Steam on PC and for the Nintendo…

Forgotton Anne, Side-Scrolling Animated Adventure Heads To Nintendo Switch In 2019
Forgotten Anne

After appearing in the Square Enix Collective and launching for PC, PS4 and Xbox One back in May of this…

I Didn’t Know What a Kunai Was, Until I Found Kunai

Tabby is no ordinary tablet off the Apple/Samsung assembly line. Ads (learn more about our advertising policies here)

Salt and Sanctuary Nintendo Switch Review: Souled Out

[Disclosure: A review code was provided for the contents of this article] Now, we all know that imitation is the…

Hidden Layer’s Inmost Atmospheric Platformer Announced
Hidden Layer

What’s common to a Knight in shining armor, a Creature that eats pain for breakfast and an overly inquisitive Stranger?…

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