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Michael Condrey From Sledgehammer Games Forms New ‘Diverse Team’ Under Take-Two
Call of Duty WW2

Michael Condrey, best known as one of the studio heads for Sledgehammer Games, the development outfit that made Call of…

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Trailer Promotes The Power Of Globalization
Civilization VI Gathering Storm

Firaxis and 2K released the latest cinematic for the upcoming expansion pack for Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. The new expansion…

NBA 2K19 Cheats Grant Infinite Salary, Stamina, EXP And Attributes

NBA 2K19 is out now, and a lot of cheats are available for any basketball or sports fan to possess….

WWE 2K19 Trailer Unveils Daniel Bryan Showcase Mode
WWE 2K19

2K Games makes some odd decisions when it comes to their WWE 2K titles. One would think that they would…

The Golf Club 2019 Now Available For PC, PS4 and Xbox One

2K and HB Studios Multimedia have just released “The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour” or better known as The…

2K Games Clarifies Changes Made To NBA 2K In Netherlands And Belgium Due To Loot-Box laws

Microtransactions and loot-boxes have a bad reputation in some countries, insofar that they are banned in Belgium and the Netherlands….

IGN’s Readers Blast Them For Puling Over WWE 2K19 Not Having Female Cover Athlete
WWE 2K19

There was a time when most of the sociopolitical banter from major gaming websites was tolerated by the majority of…

Mafia 2 And Mafia 3 Now Available For Download On GOG.com
Mafia II

GOG.com announced that the complete Mafia trilogy is now available on the DRM-free service. You can get your hands on…

Mafia 3 Developer Hangar 13 Hit With Layoffs
Mafia 3 Layoffs

Hangar 13 Studios, the development outfit behind 2K Games’ Mafia III, has been hit with an undisclosed amount of layoffs.

Civilization VI Devs Anger Real Cree Nation After Fixing South Korean Leader
Civilization VI Korean

Firaxis Games is really rolling in the controversy now. The studio was originally hammered for uglifying a female Korean ruler…

BioShock Infinite Designer Returns To 2K Games For Unannounced Project

In recent news, it is speculated that a new BioShock game is in the works due to Shawn Elliott’s latest…

Civilization 6: Rise And Fall DLC Will Add Chandragupta Maurya
Civilization VI Rise and Fall India

Firaxis royally screwed up with their Korean leader for Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, catching great ire and consternation from…

WWE 2K18 Mod Adds 669 Roster Slots For Maximum Modding
WWE 2K18

If you just never seem to have enough slots free for all the characters you want to add to your…

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