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F.I.S.T. Side-Scrolling Dieselpunk Beat-‘Em-Up Revealed For PS4

Chinese developer Ti Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai announced a brand new side-scrolling, 3D beat-’em-up platformer for the PlayStation…

Super Mario Maker 2 Features New Tools, Items, Enemies On Nintendo Switch This June
Super Mario Maker 2

During the February 13th, 2019 Nintendo Direct, the Big ‘N’ announced that Super Mario Maker 2 is in the works…

Mega Man 11 Demo Download Now Available For Nintendo Switch
Mega Man 11 Demo

A single-level demo for the upcoming Mega Man 11 has been made available for the Nintendo Switch via a free…

Planet Alpha, Side-Scrolling Alien Invasion Platformer Announced For PS4, Nintendo Switch
Planet Alpha

Planet Alpha Game Studio and Team17 announced that there’s a new game in the works called Planet Alpha. The game…

Runner3 Heads To Retail For Nintendo Switch In 2018 For $39.99
Runner3 Nintendo Switch

Nicalis announced that Choice Provisions’ Runner3 will land on the Nintendo Switch both digitally and physically in 2018. The physical…

Hyper Universe Tries To Lure Gamers Back In With The Loli Witch Shasha
Hyper Universe

Just in time for Halloween, Nexon and Cwavesoft have announced that there is new content has arrived in the form…

Evil Genome 3D RPG Attempts To Redefine The Metroidvania Experience
Evil Genome

Crystal Depths Studio’s Evil Genome launched last month during the early part of August. It was an easy game to…

My Friend Pedro Is The 2.5D Action Game John Woo Fans Have Been Waiting For
My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro: Blood Bullets Bananas has been in development for a while now. Developers DeadToast Entertainment began chronicling their…

Phantom Halls, Papercraft Horror Game Features Ash From Evil Dead 2
Phantom Halls

Incendium announced that Phantom Halls, the side-scrolling, 3D papercraft horror title, has officially entered into Early Access on Steam.

Battlecrew Space Pirates, Side-Scrolling Multiplayer Shooter Enters Early Access
Battlecrew Space Pirates

Dontnod Eleven’s Battlecrew Space Pirates has officially entered into Early Access over on Steam. The game is available for $9.99,…

Battlecrew Space Pirates Closed Beta Test Keys Are Being Sent Out
Battlecrew Space Pirates

Dontnod Eleven announced that their MMO 2.5D multiplayer shooter, Battlecrew Space Pirates, will enter into closed beta testing starting January…

Mekazoo, Neon-Themed 3D Platformer Set For Launch November 15th

Good Mood Creators announced that their 3D platformer based on retro 2D platformers called Mekazoo, will launch on November 15th….

Renoir, Unreal Engine 4 Noir Side-Scroller Launches November 16th

Black Wing Foundation and 1C Company’s monochromatic noir side-scroller, Renoir, is set to launch on Steam starting November 16th.

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