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A Robot Named Fight Update Adds 4-Player Co-op Mode For PC, Nintendo Switch
A Robot Named Fight Co-op

Hitcents and Matt Bitner Games announced that there’s a free update for the PC and Nintendo Switch version of A…

A Robot Named Fight Deathmatch Update Adds New Enemies, 4-Player Split-Screen
A Robot Named Fight

The hardcore, side-scrolling gore-and-gun shooter, A Robot Named Fight, will receive a brand new deathmatch update for the Nintendo Switch…

A Robot Named Fight, Nightmarevania Launches April 26th For Nintendo Switch
A Robot Named Fight

The gory, side-scrolling, nightmarevania game from Matt Bitner Games and Hitcents, is set to release on the Nintendo Switch next…

A Robot Named Fight, Nightmare-Fuel Metroidvania Launches September 7th
A Robot Named Fight

A new indie title that combines the the hardships and challenges of a rogue-like but with the gameplay and progression…

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