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Watchers Battle Royale Beta Test Available For Download

The battle royale genre still isn’t showing any signs of dissipating and going away anytime soon, which means there will…

Beholder Short-Film Highlights The Limited Options Of Surviving In A Communist Dystopia

A live-action short-film based on Warm Lamp Games’ Beholder was recently published over on YouTube. The ten minute video covers…

Beholder 2 Cheats Give You Access To Infinite Money, Reputation, Time
Beholder 2 Cheats

The dystopian, political thriller, Beholder 2, has been receiving a lot of positive feedback and reviews from actual gamers, so…

Beholder 2, Dystopian Thriller Launches December 4th On Steam
Beholder 2

Warm Lamp Games and Alawar Premium recently teased the announcement of Beholder 2, and today they announced that the dystopian…

Do Not Feed The Monkeys, Privacy Invasion Voyeur Sim Arrives On Steam For $11.99
Do Not Feed The Monkeys

Don’t let the name or the sprite-work fool you into thinking that Do Not Feed The Monkeys is some sort…

I’m Not A Monster’s Free Demo Puts A Sci-Fi Spin On The Mafia/Werewolf Concept
I'm Not A Monster

The Mafia/Werewolf is designed around various players being assigned a role, with one player being the werewolf or a member…

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