Alice: Asylum Patreon Is Being Used To Fund Pre-Production

Alice Asylum

American McGee announced that early pre-production work has begun on the upcoming Alice: Asylum. Over on the American McGee blog it was revealed that there’s a Patreon page currently live that is being used to help start the load road toward actual development on the game. McGee plans on funding concept art and some pre-production assets to get things setup for the game and start laying down the foundation for the game’s eventual release. Continue reading “Alice: Asylum Patreon Is Being Used To Fund Pre-Production”

Facebook Rejects Ad For Out Of The Woods Kickstarter

Out of the Woods

[Disclosure: The following article contains a paid promotional link]

American McGee opened up the new Mysterious brand and put up the Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming multimedia project Out of the Woods, which is sort of a hardcore, gruesome take on the old-school fairy tales. The ad for the Kickstarter was met with a bit of actionable apprehension from Facebook as if it were some kind of CAD Casino ad, and they didn’t seem keen on letting the general public have a look-see at the ad. Continue reading “Facebook Rejects Ad For Out Of The Woods Kickstarter”

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