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Guild Wars 2 Gets Woke With A Non-Binary Elder Dragon
Guild Wars 2 Jormag

ArenaNet went through the trouble of dealing with the very public Jessica Price firing back in 2018. While most people…

Jessica Price And Peter Fries Were Fired Because Of Hostility, Not Reddit, Says ArenaNet
Guild Wars 2

Major gaming media outlets have been fabricating, misreporting and misconstruing the events surrounding the firings of Guild Wars 2 developers Jessica…

Buzzfeed, Kotaku, The Verge And Rock Paper Shotgun Misreport Guild Wars 2 Firings
Guild Wars 2 Misreport

A number of websites have been covering ArenaNet firing two of its developers from the Guild Wars 2 staff. The…

Guild Wars 2 Devs Fired By ArenaNet For Antagonizing Gamers
Guild Wars 2 Jessica Price Fired

ArenaNet, the makers of the MMORPG Guild Wars 2, recently had to let go of two members of its development…

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