The Blind Prophet Review: Modern Christian Power-Fantasy

The Blind Prophet Review

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Opening Thoughts

It is cliched, played out and said a billion times already by people avoiding committing to a stance and those that are just unsure, but that is how the Ars Goetia’s Kickstarted project Blind Prophet left me. On one hand the intrigue the story weaves was enthralling; that through the blatant white knighting I wanted to see what happened next and the art direction was something else. Each scene, each area, each comic panel made you feel the passion that went into it. For a modern Christian power fantasy, these elements went a long way in overcoming the game’s shortcomings. Continue reading “The Blind Prophet Review: Modern Christian Power-Fantasy”

The Blind Prophet PC Release Date Set For February 5th, 2020

The Blind Prophet

February 5th is shaping up to be an important day in gaming, if the rumors about Sony’s PlayStation 5 announcement are to be believed. In addition to that announcement, a slew of games will be releasing on February 5th as well, including the Kickstarted cyberpunk-noir title from Ars Goetia Games, The Blind Prophet. Continue reading “The Blind Prophet PC Release Date Set For February 5th, 2020”