Aven Colony Review: Solace in Simplicity

Aven Colon Review

[Disclosure: A review key was provided for the contents of this article]

When I previewed the PC version of Aven Colony at the end of June, I called out how simple and accessible the game is, and how it had clearly been designed to provide a rare and enjoyable console experience. I have now spent about a week playing the PS4 version, and I can confirm that this is a console-focused experience. However, if you’re a PC gamer looking for a slightly less demanding strategy game, and the extra-terrestrial setting appeals to you, then read on, because Aven Colony might still be worth a look. Continue reading “Aven Colony Review: Solace in Simplicity”

Aven Colony Preview: Console Yourselves

Aven Colony Preview

As the giant sandworm erupted from its cavern just inches away from a recently built geothermal power plant, you’d think I might register a moment of panic for my burgeoning colony, but I don’t. I don’t, because this is the fourth visit from my subterranean friend, and whenever he visits, he just spits a few blobs of acid at nearby buildings before disappearing again. I haven’t bothered to install plasma cannons because I see this more as a gesture of marking his territory than of true aggression. I hope I’m right. Welcome to Aven Colony. Continue reading “Aven Colony Preview: Console Yourselves”