Batman: Arkham Knight Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

Despite the controversy surrounding the shoddily designed PC port of Batman: Arkham Knight, many gamers who managed to purchase the Xbox One or PS4 version of the game are readily enjoying themselves and partaking in the gameplay goodness that the game has to offer. For people who find themselves stuck on any particular part or a little unsure of how to get through some segments, there is a walkthrough guide available to offer you some hints and tips for each of the segments in Batman: Arkham Knight on home consoles and PC. Continue reading “Batman: Arkham Knight Complete Gameplay Walkthrough”

WB Games Admits Batman: Arkham Knight Has Issues With AMD Cards

Batman Arkham Knight Nvidia Sabotage

Another game heavily promoted with Nvidia’s GameWorks is now cited to have issues on AMD cards. This is before the game’s release. The name of the game? None other than Rocksteady Studios’ highly anticipated Batman: Arkham Knight. The game is claimed to have performance problems and the system requirements have been adjusted to reflect those problems. Continue reading “WB Games Admits Batman: Arkham Knight Has Issues With AMD Cards”