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Tencent Strikes Again And Now Owns 31% Of Stunlock Studios’ Share

Imagine, a great tide of red water with five yellow stars sweeping across the surface, swallowing up everything under its…

Battlerite Will Receive A Battle Royale Mode This Summer
Battlerite Royale

Stunlock Studios announced that a Battle Royale mode will be added to their MOBA PvP game this summer. The Battle…

Battlerite Trailer Introduces Ulric The Paladin Champion
Battlerite - Ulric

Stunlock Studios released a new trailer for their latest hero set to arrive on the roster, Ulric The Unwavering Light….

Battlerite Mimics Blizzard By Introducing New Character With Animated Short

Stunlock Studios is taking a page out of Blizzard’s handbook of promotion. They’ve decided to introduce their characters with animated…

Battlerite Dinosaurs Event Adds Dino Mounts, Skins, Avatars And Weapons
Battlerite Dinosaurs

Stunlock Studios has a Prehistoric Mania event taking place right now in the MOBA game Battlerite. The title has turned…

Battlerite Roster Update Adds Projectile Specialist Destiny, The Sky Ranger
Battlerite Champion

After surpassing more than 1.4 million active unique users after Battlerite went free-to-play near the early half of November, Stunlock…

Battlerite Update Fixes Chest Buying And Matchmaking Queue Times

If you have been experiencing problems with buying chests in Stunlock Studios’ Battlerite, along with other problems like queuing matches…

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