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Street Fighter 5, Counter-Strike eSports Events Air On BBC Three
Street Fighter 5

Prepare for the censorship banhammer. Capcom, Valve and Psyonix have signed deals with the BBC to have their games Street…

Dr. Who Becomes A Woman And SJWs Claim Victory Over Patriarchy
Dr Who SJW

The topic of Doctor Who becoming a woman has been brewing under the canopy for years, like yeast in a…

BBC, GamesRadar, Yahoo, Mislead Readers Based On Ghostbusters Troll Post

Back in late 2014 #GamerGate kicked off on social media because of all the rampant corruption happening within video game…

Academics Want More Social Justice Issues In AAA VR Games
Horizon: Zero Dawn

The BBC recently ran a piece about the gaming industry and VR tech during a report on this year’s E3….