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Deathgarden: Bloodharvest Is Shutting Down

I’m not sure why devs keep making these games based on over-saturated fads that leave no room for mistakes, but…

Evil Dead’s Ash Williams Joining Survivors In Dead By Daylight

Looking to kick a little Deadite ass? Feeling groovy? Then you’ll be happy to learn that Ash Williams from the…

Identity V, Asymmetrical Survival-Horror Game Launches July 5th
Identity V

NetEase announced that their survival-horror, asymmetrical multiplayer game, Identity V, is set to launch on July 5th. This is likely…

Deathgarden Enters Closed Beta Testing Ahead Of Early Access Launch In August

Behaviour Interactive’s Deathgarden might sound like a 1980’s heavy metal album that was mistakenly withheld from release until 2018, but…

Dead By Daylight Teases New Content With Off The Beaten Track Trailer
Dead By Daylight

Behaviour Interactive announced that there’s some new content on the horizon for Dead By Daylight, and the latest update for…

Deathgarden, Dystopian Blood Sport Game Is This Gen’s Version Of The Running Man

An asymmetrical, multiplayer action game called Deathgarden was announced by Behaviour Interactive, the Canadian-based studio responsible for Dead By Daylight….

Dead by Daylight Adds SAW Chapter For PS4, Steam And Xbox Gamers
Dead by Daylight

Behaviour Interactive announced that the latest update for the asymmetrical multiplayer PvP horror game, Dead by Daylight, is live right…

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