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BitChute Crowdfunds Decentralized Livestreaming
BitChute Streaming

Tired of being told what language you can’t use while you livestream? Sick of being deplatformed because you said a…

Twitter Suspends NewsChute, The News Account For Bitchute
Newschute Censored

Bitchute hired Nick Monroe to operate their NewsChute account on Twitter, which covered topical content related to censorship and politics….

Florida Man Arrested For Making Social Media Posts Deemed “Intimidating”, “Threatening”
Paul Atreides Arrested

A Fort Myers, Florida man was arrested for making posts on social media, including Gab and BitChute, where the Florida…

Bitchute, Archive.is, Liveleak, 8chan Reportedly Blocked In New Zealand Due To Christchurch Shooting
Bitchute Blocked

Even though Bitchute.com has been removing videos of the massacre that took place in Christchurch, New Zealand, the site is…

PayPal Bans BitChute’s Account

PayPal decided to limit the amount of access BitChute has to its financial account through the PayPal services. This was…

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