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Don’t Forget About What Happened To Blitzchung

“Where are you, Nick Monroe?” I’m on Telegram/Minds/GAB/Parler. But mostly Telegram. SUPPORT on Paypal and SubscribeStar. It was the perfect storm….

World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands Will Add More Racial Customization Features
World of Warcraft Racial Customization - Blizzard Entertainment

It needs to be repeated and repeated often: Liberals are the most racist people on the face of the planet….

Blizzard Issues Another Bogus Apology

BlizzCon 2019 kicked off today by attempting to mitigate their human rights violation with an apology from J. Allen Brack,…

Overwatch 2 Reveal Proves Early Leak True, New Heroes And Maps Revealed
Overwatch 2

The controversial company known as Blizzard that loves Chinese boot soles has kicked-off its Blizzcon event. The first part has…

Blizzard Loses Mitsubishi Sponsor After Sanctioning Hearthstone Champ For Supporting Hong Kong
Blizzard Mitsubishi

Blizzard has lost a major advertiser according to recent reports, with Mitsubishi Motors Taiwan pulling out just ahead of BlizzCon…

ESPN Claims Blizzard Will Reveal Overwatch 2 During BlizzCon 2019

The Chinese boot-licking company known as Blizzard — with a myriad of problems stacking each day — will kick-off this…

Blizzard Reportedly Posts New Job Listings For “Unannounced Diablo” Project

I’m not sure if you will need a phone to play this upcoming iteration of Diablo, because who doesn’t have…

Blizzard Requires Attendees To Have Mobile Phones For BlizzCon 2019
BlizzCon Mobile

It was supposed to be a meme. Blizzard’s quip at BlizzCon 2018 where one of the developers said “Do you…

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