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Ms. Monopoly Gets Woke To Promote Feminism And Gender Pay Gap
Ms Monopoly

Following up on the release of Monopoly Socialism back in August, Hasbro has announced that it’s working on bringing Ms….

SJWs Condemn Japanime Games For Player’s Choice Kickstarter’s Sexy Artwork
Japanime Games SJWs

Japanime Games announced that the Player’s Choice Kickstarter will be launching on Tuesday, June 26th at 12:00PM Pacific Standard Time….

Sonic The Hedgehog: Battle Racers Tabletop Board Game Announced
Sonic Battle Racers

Shinobi 7 wants to show gamers the way… the way toward tabletop gaming featuring Sonic and friends. A new physical…

Jagged Alliance: The Board Game Offers Gamers 4-Player Co-op Tabletop Action
Jagged Alliance The Board Game

Underground Games have a cooperative, tactical four-player game in the works that’s actually a board game based on Jagged Alliance.

Deadly Premonition: The Board Game Gets Funded In Under A Day On Kickstarter
Deadly Premonition The Board Game

Apparently a lot of people really love the game Deadly Premonition, and even more than that, a lot of people…

Armored Freedom Is A Multiplayer Turn-based Mech Board game

Armored Freedom is a turn-based strategy game, that allows you to play and compete against other players, in this board…

Colt Express, Turn-Based Western Board Game Now Available

A video game inspired by the board game of Colt Express has recently been released for both PC and mobile…

True Messiah, Religious Horror Game Gets Off To Strong Start On Kickstarter

Sinister Design’s True Messiah is a religious, strategy horror board game. It’s being billed as Dali meets Dune and features…

Sumer Takes Digital Board Game Concept To Kickstarter

Studio Wumpus’ upcoming interactive board game, Sumer, has taken flight from Steam Greenlight and has managed to land on Kickstarter….

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