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Gearbox’s Controversies And Anti-Consumer Behavior Recounted In YouTube Video
Randy Pitchford

The reputation of Gearbox Software is one that went from an undulating wave into a straight slant off the side…

The UK Physical Charts See FIFA 20 At Top Spot

The UK physical charts see the notorious FIFA 20 from the controversial Electronic Arts at the top spot. Despite past…

Troy Baker Turned Down Rhys Role Because of Attempted Union Strong-Arming
Gearbox Software

For a few days a silent controversy has boiled in the Borderlands community. Originally back in April Randy Pitchford announced…

Borderlands 3 Cheats Grant Unlimited Health, Shield, Ammo, XP, And Money
Borderlands 3 cheats

Borderlands 3 is out now and has active cheat trainers for PC. The first-person looter-shooter is available for PC via…

Borderlands 3 PC Specs Revealed Via The Epic Games Store

If 2K isn’t under scrutiny for sending goons to someone’s house, then you can bet Randy Pitchford is up to…

Supmatto YouTube Channel Terminated After Receiving Copyright Strikes For Borderlands 3 Content
Borderlands 3

YouTuber Supmatto did some video content on Borderlands 3 after catching wind of a test-stream from Gearbox Software on Twitch.tv…

Gearbox Forum Moderator Warns Users Not To Misgender FL4K From Borderlands 3
Borderlands 3 Fl4K Pronouns

We’ve reached peak insanity. Moderators on forums are now enforcing users to use the designated pronouns for fictional robot characters….

2K Games Further Intimidates Supmatto Over Borderlands 3 Leaks
Borderlands 3

Take-Two Interactive and 2K Games provided statements to IGN addressing the Borderlands 3 leaks that were circulating the net and…

SupMatto Takes Break From YouTube Following Alleged Run-In With 2K Games Over Borderlands 3
Borderlands 3

YouTuber and content creator SupMatto is known for his Borderlands videos, and both he and his community were excited about…

Borderlands 3 Zane Trailer Feature A Character That Looks More Interesting Than The Game Itself
Borderlands 3 Zane

Gearbox Software’s Borderlands 3 is fast approaching its release. The game is due out on Xbox One, PS4, and as…

Borderlands’ David Eddings Claims Randy Pitchford Physically Assaulted Him At GDC 2017
Borderlands David Eddings

David Eddings – the current head of games publishing at Rooster Teeth and former VP of strategic publishing at Gearbox…

David Eddings Won’t Be Voicing Claptrap In Borderlands 3 Due To Gearbox Pay Dispute
Borderlands Claptrap

The voice of Claptrap, David Eddings, will not be voicing the insufferable robot companion and guide in Borderlands 3. It…

Borderlands 3 Removed Terms Like “Midget”, But Randy Pitchford Says It’s Not Censorship
Borderlands 3 Midget Censorship

One of the recent stories running across gaming news headlines is that Gearbox Software has removed certain terms from Borderlands…

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