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CCP Games Reinstates Brisc Rubal’s EVE Online Account And Apologizes After Investigation Exonerates Him Of Wrongdoing
CCP Vs Brisc Rubal

CCP Games pulled a “listen and believe” when some people brought unsubstantiated allegations against Brisc Rubal – a member of…

CCP Games Performing Full Investigation Into Brisc Rubal Perma-Ban For Allegedly Breaking EVE Online NDA
EVE ONline

CCP Games is conducting a full internal investigation into the claims made against Brisc Rubal and the permanent ban that…

EVE Online CSM’s Brisc Rubal Says He Will Seek Recourse Against Allegations Regarding Perma-Ban
Brisc Rubal

[Update: 4/18/2019] CCP has issued a follow-up statement clarifying that they will be performing a thorough investigation and that if…

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