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Reprisal Sees Frank Grillo And Bruce Willis Teaming Up For A Crime Thriller
Reprisal (2018) - Bruce Willis

While a lot of movies aimed at male audiences have been relegated to the backwoods of direct-to-DVD racks and streaming…

Death Wish Gets Flogged By Critics As Pro-Trump, NRA Propaganda
Death Wish

We don’t get many R-rated mainstream movies that glorify gun pornography. John Wick is a rare unicorn in Hollywood’s PG-13…

Acts Of Violence Trailer Sees Bruce Willis Back Doing What He Does Best
Acts of Violence

Bruce Willis never really seemed to appreciate the fandom that came with a career as an action hero. He’s come…

Death Wish Trailer Promises To Be A Real Man’s Movie
Death Wish (2017)

Eli Roth decided to remake the classic 1974 Death Wish that originally starred Charles Bronson, only he replaced Bronson’s role…

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