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Valve Purchases Campo Santo, Makers Of Firewatch And In The Valley Of Gods
In The Valley of Gods

Campo Santo is likely praising the lucky stars that they’ve been acquired by Valve, the makers of Steam.

Campo Santo Airs Frustration Over Gamers Seeing In The Valley Of Gods As Propaganda
In The Valley of Gods lesbians

In a recent GamesTM Magazine interview for the February, 2018 197 issue, they spoke with Campo Santo founder Sean Vanaman,…

In The Valley Of Gods Trailer Comments Disabled By Campo Santo Due To Backlash
In The Valley of Gods

Campo Santo decided to pick a fight with PewDiePie earlier in the year, attempting to use the power of DMCAs…

Firewatch Devs Filing DMCAs Against PewDiePie, Says He’s Worse Than A Closeted Racist
Firewatch vs Pewdiepie

[Correction: The original headline mentioned that the developers “filed” a DMCA, but they are in the process of “filing” DMCA…

Firewatch Sells Over 1 Million Copies

Campo Santo announced on Twitter recently that their first-person, walking sim adventure game, Firewatch, managed to sell just over a…

Firewatch Ending Explained
Firewatch Ending Explained

So a lot of people managed to get through Campo Santo’s first-person, wilderness adventure game, Firewatch. The title is riddled…

Firewatch Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

One of the new games to come out for the PS4 and PC is a game called Firewatch from Campo…

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