Resident Evil Revelations 3 Rumored to be Switch Time Exclusive

When the rumor first broke, I had a good laugh at Sony’s expense. Despite having bought exclusive marketing rights for Resident Evil Village, the console manufacturer has consistently dropped the ball hyping the game up. All the worse are leaks revealing the game intends to kill off its male lead in a Metroidvania style game.

In fairness to the game, several versions have been shown to play testers with the script apparently in flux, so by the time of release, Ethan may be spared his death just as Chris was spared the character assassination he was set to receive.

From the same leaks, we know several Resident Evil games are in development, but relevant to this leak is the development of Outrage and Apocalypse. Long time Resident Evil insider Dusk Golem has come forward with new information about the upcoming title. In his posts on Twitter, he claims the game will be Revelations 3 and be a timed exclusive for the Switch.

More interesting than exclusivity is the claim the game will feature Rebecca Chambers as the main character. In the Resident Evil timeline after Raccoon City, Rebecca has left the combat to her former colleagues and focuses her efforts on research.

During the A-Virus outbreak in New York, which occurred in the panned Resident Evil: Vendetta CGI movie Rebecca was the one who synthesized the cure to the A-Virus with her techno-sorcery. That’s only partially a joke; the movie is considered horrible for numerous reasons.

This brings up an interesting concern. Will Resident Evil Vendetta be treated as canon by Capcom? Capcom has a habit of releasing products they boast are canon to the Resident Evil mythos, only to reverse said decision quietly after it critically fails and critically fail Vendetta did.

Either way, Rebecca is a scientist, not a fighter, so her being the main character certainly offers opportunities for unique gameplay mechanics centered around intelligently tackling threats rather than punching a bolder.

Rumor Analysis: More Likely Than Not

Based on released information, we can confirm that poorly named Resident Evil Outrage is going to come out next year. At least if Capcom’s internal plans, projections, and development window go off without a hitch. Resident Evil: Village underperforming could bring about delays, but that doesn’t negate the truth of the game’s existence.

What is in question is whether this game will be a Revelations title and if it will be a Switch exclusive. Setting aside the question of whether it will be a Revelation’s title, there is a precedent that it can be a Switch timed exclusive.

Nintendo has partnered with Capcom to have Monster Hunter: Rise be a timed exclusive. Nintendo Life reports the deal cost Nintendo around six million dollars. It would not be much of a stretch for Nintendo to have additionally bought a timed Resident Evil title as well. This would be especially likely if rumors of a Switch Pro releasing next year are true.

Going back to the idea of it being a Revelations title, that is an entirely different issue. Dusk Golem has demonstrated he has knowledge from inside Capcom, but he admits his sources get it wrong on occasion. Additionally, he was previously dismissed from Reset Era for creating a fake rumor as well based on insider information that did not exist.

The game exists, the chances of it being a Switch exclusive are high, but the rest of the rumor is uncertain as the source’s reliability is in question. We’ll likely learn the truth during a Nintendo Direct sometime next year.

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