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Rotten Tomatoes Removes Thousands Of Negative Captain Marvel User Ratings
Captain Marvel

Paul Yanover, the president of Fandango, the parent company over Rotten Tomatoes, told CNET that they weren’t trying to engineer…

YouTube Reportedly Manipulated Brie Larson Search Results For Captain Marvel
Brie Larson Captain Marvel (Copyright Vanity Fair)

Anyone looking up Brie Larson on YouTube may have found that the results might be a little… duplicitous. Why? Well,…

Daily Beast Shills For Captain Marvel, Calls Detractors Angry White #GamerGate Incels
Captain Marvel

The media continues to run to the defense of Captain Marvel as if Brie Larson and her fictional alter ego…

Vox, NBC Journalists Blame #GamerGate And YouTube ‘Incels’ For Captain Marvel Backlash
Captain Marvel

Journalists at Left-wing media outlets (which is literally every major entertainment media outlet) have a hard-on for defending Captain Marvel….

Some Reports Indicate Captain Marvel Is The Only Movie Playing At Some Theaters During Premiere Week
Captain Marvel

There are reports popping up around the web that some movie theaters have blocked out every other movie at the…

Captain Marvel Rotten Tomatoes Censorship Circumvented Due To Dissenter Extension
Captain Marvel

You can try to silence the opinion of the people through overt censorship, which is what Rotten Tomatoes tried to…

Rotten Tomatoes Removes Pre-Release Comments, Negative Ratings Following Captain Marvel Blowback
Captain Marvel (2019)

Days after media outlets reported that “trolls” were “review bombing” Captain Marvel’s Rotten Tomatoes page (which turned out to be…

Captain Marvel Audience Anticipation Rating Plummets To 31%
Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel audience anticipation ratings are plummeting. At the moment, Rotten Tomtaoes is showing that only 31% of 38,115 people…

Media Outlets Purport Captain Marvel Is Being Review Bombed Even Though There Are No Reviews
Captain Marvel

Media outlets such as Comicbook.com, The Independent, GQ.com, CBR.com, Daily Express, Screen Rant, The Mirror, Bleeding Cool, and The Mary…

Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson Continues To Advocate For Fewer White Male Critics
Captain Marvel (Copyright Marvel Entertainment)

Brie Larson, the star of the upcoming Captain Marvel live-action motion picture has reiterated her stance that she believes that…

Captain Marvel 2nd Trailer Tries Desperately To Make Brie Larson Seem Cool
Captain Marvel

Marvel dropped another trailer for Captain Marvel, the upcoming film starring the emotion-starved award winning actress, Brie Larson. The two…

SJW Media Flip Out Calling Brie Larson’s Smiling Makeover For Captain Marvel “Sexist”
Captain Marvel

Brie Larson in the debut trailer for the upcoming 2019 release of Captain Marvel was a charisma-free starfish on the…

Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson Gets A Charismatic Smiling Makeover Thanks To A Turd Flinging Monkey
Captain Marvel Makeover

Marvel Entertainment recently released the Captain Marvel movie trailer for the upcoming 2019 film release. The trailer was all kinds…

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