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Adventure Time Finale Turns Princess Bubblegum Gay With A Lesbian Kiss
Adventure Time

During the finale of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, the series creators decided to maintain the current Liberal agenda of pushing…

Steven Universe Introduces Kids To A Lesbian Proposal
Steven Universe Lesbians

The DC Universe recently was making news headlines because after half of century of costumed foreplay, Bruce Wayne proposed to…

ThunderCats Roar Is Absolutely Hated By Fans For Attempting To Appease Tumblr Culture
ThunderCats Roar

The official announcement for ThunderCats Roar was made, which is an upcoming cartoon set to appear on the Cartoon Network….

Amazing World Of Gumball Mocks Social Justice Warriors
Amazing World of Gumball - Social Justice Warrior Sword

Cartoon Network seems to have allowed some showrunners to go off the reservation and actually inject a bit of common…

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