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Banner Of The Maid English Translation Available In Open Beta Testing
Banner of the Maid English Translation

Gamers have been clamoring for an English language version of Azure Flame Studio and CE-Asia’s alternate history strategy-RPG, Banner of…

Blazing Chrome Cheats Provide Unlimited Lives, Infinite Score
Blazing Chrome Cheats

CE-Asia, The Arcade Crew and JoyMasher’s Blazing Chrome has managed to find a joyously impressed and sated community of hardcore…

Banner Of The Maid English Translation Coming Soon
Banner of the Maid

One of the games that really struck a chord with the PC gaming audience is the Chinese turn-based strategy game…

Banner Of The Maid SRPG Features Hot Waifus…But It’s Not In English
Banner of the Maid

Development studio Azure Flame Studio and Chinese publisher CE-Asia recently launched Banner of the Maid on Steam for PC. The…

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