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Celeste Cheats Feature God Mode, No Death Count, Unlimited Jumps
Celeste Cheats

Matt Makes Games’ Celeste managed to find itself thrust back into the spotlight with a major new content update and…

Celeste Update Includes Gay And Trans Pride Flags
Celeste Trans Flag

Matt Makes Games’ Celeste was always suspected of being a game themed around Left-wing propaganda, but there was never any…

Prescription For Sleep: Celeste Soundtrack Features Music From Norihiko Hibino, AYAKI
Celeste Soundtrack

Scarlet Moon Productions announced that you can currently pre-order the Prescription For Sleep: Celeste soundtrack right now from over on…

Celeste Thread On Steam Inquiring About SJW Politics Gets Locked

Matt Makes Games recently released Celeste for home consoles and PC. The game is being promoted as a side-scrolling platformer….

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