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Men Killed Charlie’s Angels Reboot, According To Increasingly Nervous Director

As we previously covered  Charlie’s Angel launched to a disastrous box office and earned its rightful place on our Get…

Charlie’s Angels Reboot Got Woke And Went Broke
Charlie's Angels

If you get woke, you will go broke. That is the lesson everyone should know by now, yet it bears…

Charlie’s Angels Reboot Trailer Is About As Woke As You Would Expect
Charlies Angels

Last year it was reported that the reboot of Charlie’s Angels was going to be more “empowered” and “inclusive”, and…

Charlie’s Angels Reboot Will Aim To Be More Diverse And “Empowered”
Charlies Angels Reboot

Elizabeth Banks is directing and producing a reboot of Charlie’s Angels due for release on September 27th, 2019 next year.

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