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Star Citizen Now Has 76 Issues To Fix Before Alpha 3.0 Releases
Star Citizen - Stamina System

Another week means another episode of Around The Verse. The episode is pretty lengthy but covers a lot of progress…

Star Citizen Still Has 94 Must-Fix Issues To Resolve Before Alpha 3.0 Release
Star Citizen - Burn Down

A new Around The Verse has popped up for Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries’ Star Citizen. The latest…

Star Citizen Still Has 68 Major Issues To Fix Before Releasing Alpha 3.0
Star Citizen - Faceware

Cloud Imperium Games has managed to sign an agreement to use Faceware in Star Citizen. This is an end-user feature…

Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 GamesCom Video Demonstrates Ship-In-Ship Gameplay
Star Citizen - Prospector

During this year’s GamesCom event in Cologne, Germany, Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries decided to showcase some of…

Star Citizen Slowly Rolls Toward Alpha 3.0 As Team Addresses Game-Stopping Bugs
Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries released a new Around The Verse video and it covers a lot of…

Star Citizen’s Star Map Will Be The In-Game Equivalent Of Google Maps
Star Citizen - Star Map

Roberts Space Industries released a new Around The Verse video, featuring the new Burn Down segment where they take backers…

Star Citizen Holo-Projection Is Real-Time Without Pre-Rendering, Says Roberts
Star Citizen

It’s that time of the week again where a new video from Around the Verse is published on the Star…

Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 Set To Release September 8th, 2017
Star Citizen

Roberts Space Industries recently updated the release schedule for Star Citizen’s alpha 3.0 release. While Cloud Imperium Games have been…

Star Citizen Persistent Scripting Lets You Steal Other Player Ships And Become A Criminal
Star Citizen - Tumbril Cyclone

The latest Around the Verse video was made public, featuring a look at the various progress being made on Star…

Star Citizen ATV Reveals Weapon Skins, Road System And Kiosks
Star Citizen - Kiosks

Another half hour video of Star Citizen was released for public consumption by Roberts Space Industries and Cloud Imperium Games….

Star Citizen ATV Reveals Physical Ownership System, Special Derelict Missions
Star Citizen - Squadron 42 Derelict Ship

Another new Around The Verse video was released for Star Citizen’s, covering the game’s development, the new physical ownership system,…

Star Citizen ATV Reveals Alpha 3.0 Is In the Bug-Fixing And Finalization Phase
Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 Derelict Ship

According to the latest Around The Verse weekly development diary series for Star Citizen, the various studios working on the…

Star Citizen ATV Gives A Look At Shops, NPCs And Engine Trails
Star Citizen Engine Trails

There was nearly half an hour’s worth of content covered in the latest development update for Star Citizen. The various…

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