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CNET Gets YouTube Advertisers To Drop Support Of TheQuartering
TheQuartering vs Cnet

CNET editor-in-chief Ian Sherr took aim at various YouTubers, including CleanPrinceGaming, Upper Echelon Gaming, and TheQuartering. Sherr’s goal? To demonetize…

CNET Re-Publishes Multiple Falsehoods Against #GamerGate
Vivian James Pissed Off

On November 27th, 2017 CNET author Ian Sheer and Erin Carson had their hit-piece against #GamerGate re-published, even though it…

CNET Publishes Misinformation About #GamerGate, Staff Defends Falsehoods
Donald Trump GamerGate

CNET published a screed against the gaming community and against #GamerGate, a 2014 revolt against unethical journalistic practices in the…

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