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Graveyard Shift Vol 2 Graphic Novel Rakes In $25,000 In One Day On IndieGoGo
Graveyard Shift Vol 2

Jon Malin’s Gravyard Shift managed to become an IndieGoGo success when it was originally launched back in October of 2018,…

CBR Targets #AnimeGate, Calls Anime Fans Trolls For Rejecting SJW Propaganda

Anime fans were warned by Sakura Anime News that #AnimeGate would eventually get underway as the fandom became more mainstream….

Alterna Comics Founder Peter Simeti Gets Swatted And Embroiled In #ComicsGate Culture War
Alterna Comics

The founder of Alterna Comics, Peter Simeti, found himself on the receiving end of a live-stream SWATting. He survived the…

DC Comics’ Robbi Rodriguez Sends Butthole Pictures To #ComicsGate Activists
Goddess Mode

DC and Vertigo Comics’ Robbie Rodriguez, a co-creator for Zoe Quinn’s Goddess Mode, as well as a co-creator for Spider-Gwen,…

Video Shows The Diverse Leaders Of #ComicsGate While Channeling #NotYourShield
ComicsGate Leaders

The media have been painting every single critic and fan that stands against the SJW agenda as a white-supremacist and…

Jim Jefferies’ Hit Piece On Diversity And Comics Furthers #ComicsGate Strife

The Jim Jefferies Show starring Jim Jefferies on Comedy Central, decided to hop into the #ComicsGate debate by doing a…

Marvel Comics’ Tamra Bonvillain Calls Comic Book Fans “Trash” For Supporting #ComicsGate
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

If you’ve grown exhausted with all of the sociopolitical warring, Twitter slapfights, and comic book creators lording over the fandom…

DC Comics And Comic Books Sub-Reddits Ban All #ComicsGate Discussion

If you visit the social media site Reddit and check out some of the comic book sub-Reddits, such as the…

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