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Hero Hei Defeats Anime News Network’s False Copyright Strike
Hero Hei

With the help of Minnesota lawyer Nick Rekieta, YouTuber Hero Hei was able to defeat the false copyright strike against…

Sex Motel Launches Uncensored On Steam, But It Looks Like A Bait-And-Switch
Sex Motel Steam

Valve has some really strange and inconsistent curation policies. Innocuous ecchi visual novels that don’t contain explicit nudity or sexual…

Covington’s Nicholas Sandmann Sues NBC Universal For $250 Million For False Accusations
Covington Lawsuit

Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann has been filing lawsuits against mainstream media outlets for unethically targeting him and his classmates…

CCP Games Performing Full Investigation Into Brisc Rubal Perma-Ban For Allegedly Breaking EVE Online NDA
EVE ONline

CCP Games is conducting a full internal investigation into the claims made against Brisc Rubal and the permanent ban that…

Kickstarter Project’s $85,000 Ran Out A Long Time Ago, Says Zoe Quinn
Zoe Quinn Kickstarter

In October of 2016 Zoe Quinn and Chuck Tingle managed to secure $85,448 to make a live-action FMV game. In…

Axiom Verge Devs Claim They’re Owed $200,000 From Badland Over Distribution Deal
Axiom Verge Retail Release

[Update 3/18/2019:] According to the CEO of Badland Games, he claims that he has plans on paying the full amount…

MasterCard Drops ‘MasterCard’ Name From Branding Amid Deplatforming Controversy

MasterCard announced that they will no longer be using the word “MasterCard” with their branded logo. Yes, they will be…

Activision Is Being Investigated For Market Fraud
Activision Fail

Activision is being investigated for securities market fraud and other unlawful business practices, according to a report from Market Watch.

EA Refuses To Honor Origin’s Refund Policy For Star Wars: Battlefront
Great Game Guarantee

One gamer is stuck in a pickle as he’s not being granted a refund for Star Wars: Battlefront after he…

Reddit Moderators Remove Post Exposing Bethesda’s Violation Of GDPR Article 7
Bethesda GDPR Article 7 Violation

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation has been in effect since May of 2018. However, not every company, business,…

SouljaGame Systems Are A Hot Mess, Featuring Nintendo, Sega, Neo Geo ROMs
Soulja Boy Handheld

Soulja Boy released his SouljaGame Handheld and SouljaGame Console to a lot of mixed reviews, but mostly with a lot…

Police Raid Starbreeze Studios For Insider Crimes
payday 2

Following the news that Starbreeze Studios was restructuring after the financial failure that was Overkill’s The Walking Dead, and that…

Bethesda Mistakenly Doxed Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition Customers
Fallout 76 Dox

The people who have been attempting to get refunds, resolution, and/or replacements for the bags that were promised but never…

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