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Crytek’s Real-Time Ray Tracing Solution For CryEngine Is Compatible With AMD, Nvidia
CryEngine Total Illumination

Real-time ray tracing is the pinnacle achievement of realistic lighting in software rendering. Ray tracing is about achieving realistic 1:1…

SNOW Graduates From Early Access On Steam With Mixed Reviews
SNOW Launch

While a bunch of game studios seem to be eyeing a release on the Epic Games Store, Crytek seems content…

Improbable And Crytek Announce Partnership To Make A New AAA Game

In recent news regarding the AAA scene comes that of Crytek partnering up with tech start-up Improbable to integrate parts…

Hunt: Showdown’s 3.0 Lawson Delta Update Features A Prison, Train Station, Post-Civil War Forts
Hunt Shodown - Prison

Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown continues to be updated with new content, new hunters, new weapons, and new additions to the maps….

Hunt: Showdown 3.0 Update Will Include Weapon Looting, Netcode Improvements
Hunt Showdown 3.0 Update

Crytek revealed the notes for the upcoming 3.0 update for Hunt: Showdown, which is being headlined by the overhauled matchmaking…

Crysis Trilogy Now Backwards Compatible For Xbox One
Crysis Backwards Compatible

If you were too poor to buy a worthwhile PC gaming rig and join the glorious PC master race last…

Hunt: Showdown Coming To Xbox One Game Preview Program
Hunt Showdown

Crytek announced that the popular and well-received asymmetric PvEvP shooter, Hunt: Showdown, will be making its way to the Xbox…

Crytek Lawsuit Against Cloud Imperium Games Moves Forward
Star Citizen

According to recent court documents made available on DocDroid reveal that the court will not be granting many of the…

Hunt: Showdown Updated With 3 New Silenced Weapons, Specter 1882 Bayonet, Spectator Mode
Hunt Showdown

Crytek’s cooperative PvPvE shooter, Hunt: Showdown, was recently updated with a brand new selection of weapons and items, along with…

Warface, Battle Royale FPS Debuts On Xbox One In September
Warface Xbox One

Crytek’s Warface has been around for a long time but it never really seemed to catch on due to a…

Hunt: Showdown Will Add Crossbows, Sticky Explosives, And A Swamp Devil
Hunt Showdown

Crytek announced that there are new weapons and a new monster coming to their very unique PvEvP game, Hunt: Showdown….

Hunt: Showdown Update Nerfs Camping, Adds 5 New Weapons, 11 New Outfits
Hunt Showdown Update

Crytek may only be a shell of what it once was, but it hasn’t stopped the team working on Hunt:…

PlayFusion Teams Up With Crytek To Bring Enhanced AR Tech To CryEngine

Recently it has been reported that PlayFusion will team up with Crytek to bring enhanced augmented reality (AR) tech to…

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