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Pumped BMX Pro Launches On PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Pumped BMX Pro

Curve Digital announced that the BMX game from the one-man indie studio, Yeah Us!, has officially launched on Xbox One,…

For The King Cheats Enable God Mode, Infinite Action Points
For The King Cheats

IronOak Games and Curve Digital’s turn-based strategy game, For The King, came out during the spring for Steam on PC….

Soul And Sacrifice Set To Hit PC, Nintendo Switch On May 31st
Smoke and Sacrifice

Curve Digital and Solar Sail unleashed a new trailer for Soul and Sacrifice, the upcoming hand-drawn, isometric adventure game for…

Utomik Adds Curve Digital Games To Streaming Service
Utomik Curve Digital

Utomik is the latest in online streaming services to attempt to usher in that “all digital future” that pioneers of…

Beholder: Complete Edition Is Now Available On PS4, Coming Soon To Xbox
Beholder pS4

The dramatic thriller from Alawar and Curve Digital called Beholder, has officially launched for the PlayStation 4. More specifically, Beholder:…

Beholder, Communist Horror Game Heads To PS4, Xbox One In January
Beholder Release

In case you missed the news from developer Warm Lamp Games, they’re working with Alawar and publisher Curve Digital to…

Human: Fall Flat, Physics-Based Adventure Game Lands On Nintendo Switch Dec 7th
Human Fall Flat

One of the more original and offbeat games that took Steam by storm was No Brakes Games’ Human: Fall Flat….

Bomber Crew Guide: Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Crew Alive

Bomber Crew is the result of publisher Curve Digital and developer Runner Duck’s efforts, and it’s currently available for PC….

Serial Cleaner Graduates From Early Access On July 14th
Serial Cleaner

Curve Digital and iFun4All’s Serial Cleaner may have missed out on the Steam Summer Sale, but discounts aside the game…

Human: Fall Flat Set To Launch In May For PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One
Human Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat, the smash hit indie PC game from Tomas Sakalauskas and publisher Curve Digital is set to make…

Serial Cleaner, Crime Scene Cleaning Sim Arrives This Summer For PS4, Xbox One
Serial Cleaner

Visceral Cleanup Detail is one of those games that managed to completely subvert the first-person genre by putting players in…

The Flame In The Flood, Survival Game Launches On PS4
The Flash in the Flood

The isometric survival game, The Flame In The Flood, from developer The Molasses Flood has finally arrived for the PlayStation…

The Little Acre Officially Launches For Steam, Xbox One And PS4

The Little Acre is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Pewter Games Studios and published by Curve Digital. The The…

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