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Batwoman CW Trailer Hits Every SJW Token From Interracial Lesbians To Man-Hating Cringe

The CW trailer for the upcoming Batwoman TV show dropped and it’s as sociopolitically charged as you would expect. From…

Ruby Rose Deletes Twitter After SJWs Criticize Her For Not Being Jewish Enough For Batwoman
Ruby Rose Batwoman

CW Network cast Ruby Rose for the role of Kate Kan in the upcoming CW series Batwoman because they wanted…

Ruby Rose Will Play Lesbian Batwoman In CW Series; Gay Actress Was CW’s Top Priority
Batwoman Show

A report from Deadline indicates that the producers of the upcoming CW show, Batwoman, have landed the lead role for…

Charmed Reboot Will Focus On LGBT Representation, Fighting Toxic Masculinity

At first the media blamed “straight white males” for all the ills of entertainment and the box office failures of…

Batwoman’s TV Series Will Center Around Lesbianism And Social Justice
Batwoman Lesbian TV Show

There’s going to be a new television series on the CW Network based around Batwoman. The show is scheduled to…

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Adding SJW Muslim Super Hero To Fight Back Against Trump
DC's Legends of Tomorrow

CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow producers have decided to take an intended political stance and conspicuously include a more socially…

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