SteelSeries, CyberpowerPC, Vertagear Disavow Bully Hunters

Bully Hunters

[Update 4/16/2018: Bully Hunters has officially been shut down]

[Original story:] The Bully Hunters was supposed to be a group that hunted down bullies for gamers. They would essentially bully the bullies. It sounds like the kind of nescient endeavor that most people would see through as a potential scam, but SteelSeries, CyberpowerPC and Vetagear all jumped at the possibility to attach their brand names to the Bully Hunters. They also didn’t hesitate to throw their own customers under the bus by teaming with the Bully Hunters, an organization that claimed that millions of female gamers were harassed by the very people who fit the demographic that the peripheral companies sell their products to. Continue reading “SteelSeries, CyberpowerPC, Vertagear Disavow Bully Hunters”

CyberpowerPC Syber Vapor Review: Not Living Room Ready

CyberPower’s Syber Vapor series of small form-factor PCs were originally introduced when Valve announced their Steam Machines a while back. The idea was that you could get a console-sized gaming PC for around the same price, but with all the benefits of a desktop computer. Originally these Steam Machines would be designed to fit comfortably under your TV on your entertainment center; a cost effective and low-maintenance way for gamers to dive into PC gaming without having to worry about stripping parts and tweaking components under the hood. Unfortunately, for anyone interested in the Syber series of Steam Machines, you’re still going to have to strip parts and tweak components under the hood. Continue reading “CyberpowerPC Syber Vapor Review: Not Living Room Ready”

CyberPowerPC Announces Oculus Rift-Ready VR Gaming PC For $499

If the home consoles didn’t seem obsolete enough as it is, CyberPowerPC announced a partnership with Oculus for a VR-ready gaming PC that’s available for only $499.99. Continue reading “CyberPowerPC Announces Oculus Rift-Ready VR Gaming PC For $499”

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