Darkwood Gameplay Walkthrough

Darkwood Walkthrough

Acid Wizard Studio plopped Darkwood onto the Nintendo Switch, allowing the Unity-based survival-horror game to find a new audience after releasing on Steam for PC and on PS4. The top-down horror game has invited in a brand new audience of gamers willing to check out the ultra-creepy title, and those looking for a walkthrough might be able to find a few useful tips in this article. Continue reading “Darkwood Gameplay Walkthrough”

Darkwood, Creepy Psychological Survival-Horror Game Launches On Nintendo Switch


Acid Wizard Studios and Crunching Koalas recently launched Darkwood for the Nintendo Switch. The Mature-rated psychological horror game first made some distinct waves way back in 2014 when it first entered into Early Access on Steam, but slowly over time the developers evolved and developed the title into a noteworthy entry in the survival-horror genre. Continue reading “Darkwood, Creepy Psychological Survival-Horror Game Launches On Nintendo Switch”

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