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DC Comics Cancels Second Coming Comic Featuring Jesus Following Petition From Christians
Second Coming

Christian Justice Warriors petitioned DC Comics to pull Mark Russell and Richard Pace’s six-issue series called Second Coming, because they…

Harley Quinn Comic Takes Aim At #ComicsGate, MRAs, Conservatives
Harley Quinn

DC Comics’ Harley Quinn: Who Let The Cats out dropped and it isn’t going over well with fans at all….

Goddess Mode Interview On The Verge Fails To Disclose Relationship With Zoe Quinn
Goddess Mode

All throughout late 2014, gamers complained that media outlets had an incestuous relationship with the subjects they usually covered. Even…

DC Comics Censors Heroes In Crisis #7 Poison Ivy Cover Art Following SJW Outcry
Heroes in Crisis #7 Censorship - credit DC Comics

People continue to say that Social Justice Warriors don’t exist, or that “they have no power”, as if they’re some…

DC Cancels Border Town Following Co-Creator Eric Esquivel’s Sexual Abuse Allegations
Border Town Cancelled

DC Comics and Vertigo Comics have announced the cancellation of the comic book Border Town following the news spreading about…

The Division 2 And DC Comics To Release Narrative Comics Sometime In 2019

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 and DC Comics have announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 that the sequel to The…

BioWare And DC Comics Will Partner Together To Make Anthem Comic Series

Big papa EA and BioWare are currently working on a looter-shooter game titled Anthem. Although much controversy surrounds the two…

Zoe Quinn Violates DC Comics’ Social Media Guidelines To Inveigh Republicans
Goddess Mode

After recently signing on as a creator for the upcoming DC Vertigo Comics series Goddess Mode, Zoe Quinn decided to…

DC’s Vertigo Line Gives Zoe Quinn Publishing Deal For Goddess Mode
Goddess Mode

While a lot of gamers have been happy to no longer have to discuss caustic names in the scene that…

DC Comics Issues New Social Media Rules To Extinguish Online Drama
DC Comics Restrictions

If you’ve been keeping track of all the nonsense and drama pervading the comics space when it comes to online…

Batman Ninja’s Latest Trailer Lays Out The Story Ahead Of May 8th Release
Batman Ninja

I don’t really understand DC Entertainment or Warner Bros. I mean, the movies they should be putting in theaters and…

SJW Writers Attempt To Get Ethan Van Sciver Fired From DC Comics
Ethan Van Sciver

Polygon contributor and Comic Book Resource writer, Kieran Shiach, is continuing to rally his followers in an attempt to get…

Batman Ninja Combines The Best Of Anime With 3D CGI
Batman Ninja

A lot of animation fans aren’t happy about films that use 3D CGI. It makes sense given that a lot…

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