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DC Comics Issues New Social Media Rules To Extinguish Online Drama
DC Comics Restrictions

If you’ve been keeping track of all the nonsense and drama pervading the comics space when it comes to online…

Batman Ninja’s Latest Trailer Lays Out The Story Ahead Of May 8th Release
Batman Ninja

I don’t really understand DC Entertainment or Warner Bros. I mean, the movies they should be putting in theaters and…

SJW Writers Attempt To Get Ethan Van Sciver Fired From DC Comics
Ethan Van Sciver

Polygon contributor and Comic Book Resource writer, Kieran Shiach, is continuing to rally his followers in an attempt to get…

Batman Ninja Combines The Best Of Anime With 3D CGI
Batman Ninja

A lot of animation fans aren’t happy about films that use 3D CGI. It makes sense given that a lot…

DC Comics Fires Eddie Berganza Over Alleged Sexual Misconduct
Eddie Berganza

There are no brakes on this train, folks. The sexual misconduct express is moving full speed ahead and a lot…

DC Comics Editor Eddie Berganza Suspended For Alleged Sexual Misconduct
Eddie Berzanga

The chips continue to fall, the dice keep spinning, and the dominoes are toppling over. One of the top figureheads…

DC Comics Reviving Hanna Barbera’s Snagglepusss As Gay Social Justice Warrior
Snagglepuss Gone Gay

Hanna Barbera’s Snagglepuss is being revived as a six issue comic under the DC Universe label, written by Mark Russell….

Marvel, DC And Other SJW Comic Writers Conspired To Harass Critic At Comic Con
Captain Marvel SJW

A secret Facebook group of DC, Marvel, Image Comics and other writers, including B. Clay Moore, Isaac Goodhart, Kelly Thompson…

Young Justice Season 3 Officially In Production, And Why It Was Originally Canceled

If you haven’t already heard the news yet, it’s all true: Young Justice is officially returning for a third season,…