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DeepFreeze Updated With New Entries From Destructoid, Brash Games, The Verge
DeepFreeze Update

The latest entries on DeepFreeze.it highlight some of the issues happening on the front of ethics in games journalism.

#GamerGate: Deep Freeze Adds Kotaku, Polygon, Mary Sue Conflicts Of Interest
Deep Freeze

While the media continues to trip over themselves with misinformation about #GamerGate and its role in the gaming industry, the…

Alison Rapp Being Misreported, John Walker Cronyism Added To DeepFreeze

One of the saddest things to happen this year was a torrent of articles trying to run with the harassment…

Crash Override Network Leaks Spawn New Corruption Entries on Deep Freeze
Crash Override Network

The website Deep Freeze has been described as “Pokedex for games journalist” by Destructoid and is looked upon with great…

Deep Freeze Adds Patricia Hernandez, Brian Crecente Entries To Database

Deep Freeze was recently updated to add multiple entries under multiple categories for three video game journalists, including Laura Kate…

Deepfreeze Adds Kris Ligman Corruption, Destructoid Censorship To Database

DeepFreeze.it is a website that chronicles and catalogs the corruption of video game journalists. It highlights moments of unethical behavior,…

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