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Pokemon Company Granted Permission To Subpoena 4chan, Discord Over Pokemon Sword, Shield Leaks
Pokemon Subpoena

The Pokemon Company has reportedly been granted the ability to move forward with a subpoena on 4chan to find out…

Discord Pulling Plug On Nitro Games Catalog October 15th
Discord Nitro Games

After starting up the Nitro Games service back in the later summer of 2018, Discord has announced that they’re bringing…

Discord Off-Site Conduct Policy Criticized For Staff Engaging In “F*ck Cis People” Hashtag
Discord Kadybat

Discord’s code of conduct policies were recently made front and center in a Reddit discussion back on March 24th, 2019…

Discord’s New Code Of Conduct Prohibits Using “Retard” And “Nigga” In Partnered Servers Starting April 18th
Discord Dumpster Fire

Published screenshots from a Discord conversation between partnered server hosts and Discord’s staff revealed that they have plans to enact…

Discord Updates Community Guidelines Following Blowback, Bans Furry Cub Porn
Furry Discord

Discord was dragged through the mud recently for having a very inconsistent policy on content bans. The moderators made it…

FBI Investigations Into Discord Included Child Grooming Groups, Identify Thieves

Discord has been the subject of multiple FBI investigations over the last two years, according to warrants acquired by Forbes….

Discord Staff Defends Underage Furry Porn But Claims Loli/Shota Content Is Harmful

Discord’s trust and safety staff have come out to publicly explain why they allow for furry cub porn (which is…

Discord’s Updated Terms Of Service Prohibits Class-Action Lawsuits
Vivian Censorship - Lisa M

If you use Discord then you might want to take a look at the measures to opt-out of the new…

Discord Bans NSFW Content For Partnered Servers
Final Fantasy XIV Discord

Discord recently updated its terms of service, barring servers from hosting NSFW content through channels. The exact date of when…

Count Dankula’s Discord Channel Censored By Discord Without Warning
Count Dankula

Discord permanently banned the Dank Brigade Discord channel. If you attempt to visit the page or request an invite, you’ll…

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