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Disqus Shutting Down Channels Sept 1st Because They Couldn’t Control Your Speech
Disqus Channel Closing

One of the unique features of Disqus is that in addition to having the API installed on a website so…

Infowars Gets Banned From Disqus
Alex Jones Disqus Censored

Disqus is the most recent tech company to ban Alex Jones’ Infowars from their platform, limiting the discussion that can…

Disqus Disables And Censors All Comments On Richard Spencer’s Alt Right Website
Alt Right Censored

Richard Spencer’s AltRight.com posted an update on October 22nd, 2017 indicating that Disqus has permanently disabled all of the comments…

Disqus Forcibly Shuts Down All Comments On Return Of Kings
Return of Kings Censorship

Forced censorship was in effect on October 20th, 2017 by the administrators of the commenting platform, Disqus. The company sent…

Disqus Adds New “Toxic” Filter To Censor Comments

The current moderator tools in Disqus allows users to filter out comments by IP address, by words, and even via…

Disqus Implementing Shadow Banning Tools, “Toxic” Content Detection
Disqus Censorship

We previously wrote about how Disqus had plans on “improving” the user experience by being more proactive in moderating comments…

Disqus Will Fight Hate Speech By Censoring Comments On Other Websites

The Regressive agenda continues to bleed its way through the United States’ Constitution like strawberry filling on a Maxi Pad….

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