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Escape From Tarkov Devs Abuse DMCA Takedowns Against Eroktic’s YouTube Content
Escape From Tarkov

YouTuber Eroktic has been hit with multiple DMCA takedown requests against 47 videos from developer Battle State Games over criticisms…

Farmer’s Dynasty Returns To Steam Following False DMCA Row
Farmer's Dynasty

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a two-edged sword, supposedly designed to protect copyrighted works but also used at times…

Vaping Simulator Returns To Steam After Being Hit By DMCA Notice
Vaping Simulator

RedSquare Studios’ Vaping Simulator was taken off of the Steam store for 14 days. The two week hiatus wasn’t intentional…

#GamerGate: Destructoid Updates Article After Misreporting Alex Mauer DMCA Case
Alex mauer GamerGate

Destructoid’s Jonathan Holmes originally had a story published on the front page entitled “River City Ransom: Underground Taken Off Steam…

River City Ransom: Underground DMCA’d By Alex Mauer, Removed From Steam
River City Ransom Underground

Alex Mauer has sent a DMCA notice to Valve to have River City: Ransom: Underground removed from Steam. Mauer had…

Another Metroid 2 Remake Updates DMCA’d Signaling End Of Project
Another Metroid 2 Remake

Nintendo of America have sent out Digital Millennium Copyright Act notices to the creators of the fan-made project Another Metroid…

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