DreadOut 2, Survival-Horror Game Launches With A Few Debilitating Bugs

DreadOut 2

The good part about indie games is that they get to experiment with concepts and gameplay mechanics oftentimes not featured in mainstream AAA titles. In fact, I can’t think of the last AAA title that actually stepped outside the box and did something unique. That being said, one of the issues with indie titles that do try something new is that they oftentimes run afoul of many game-debilitating bugs, and unfortunately DreadOut 2 is one of them. Continue reading “DreadOut 2, Survival-Horror Game Launches With A Few Debilitating Bugs”

DreadOut 2 Launching Later This Month

Fatal Frame was a survival horror game that offered a unique take on the genre. Rather than fighting monsters with a limited supply of ammo or outright running for your life you were given a camera that drained the energy from ghosts. Sadly for fans, the series went on hiatus before a brief return followed by another hiatus where it remains to this day. Continue reading “DreadOut 2 Launching Later This Month”

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