Examining The Xbox One Series X And PS5 DualSense Controllers

The next-generation of video game controllers are now out in the wild in terms of written form, thanks to Microsoft and Sony’s recent unveiling articles. Although the two aren’t out physically, which won’t happen until Q4 2020, folks interested in the Xbox Series X controller and the PS5’s DualSense can examine the current info on the two right here. Continue reading “Examining The Xbox One Series X And PS5 DualSense Controllers”

Sony Reveals The PS5 Wireless “DualSense” Controller

Sony has officially revealed the PS5’s new wireless controller, which is named the “DualSense.” The new controller is said to have been tested by “a wide range of gamers” with a variety of hand sizes to achieve a comfortable, wireless design that uses a rechargeable battery. Continue reading “Sony Reveals The PS5 Wireless “DualSense” Controller”

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