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Dungeons And Dragons Designer Convinced Staff To Use SJW Tumblr Blog As Resource
Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons game designer Kate Welch shared a tweet recently explaining that she had convinced all of the other…

Renault Does Nostalgia Right With An Awesome Live-Action Dungeons And Dragons Ad
Renault Dungeons and Dragons

A lot of times when people say “Wouldn’t it be cool if this franchise got a live-action adaptation?” the typical…

RPGSports Removes Boogie2988 From DnD Tournament Following Complaints From SJWs
Boogie2988 RPGSports

Social Justice Warriors have recently been re-branded as “NPCs” to suit their non-player character behavior. It’s fitting given that many…

#DNDGate Sees SJWs Claiming That DnD Players Are Trying To Exclude Women, Minorities

It’s finally happened… Dungeons & Dragons has become co-opted by identity politics, and now those of you who thought tabletop…

Hand of Fate 2 Review: Dungeons and Dealers
Hand of Fate 2 Review

[Disclosure: A review code was provided for the contents of this article] Whilst the original Hand of Fate was a…

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