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E3 2018: Dusk, Retro-Inspired Shooter Coming To Nintendo Switch
Dusk Nintendo Switch

New Blood Interactive’s Dusk released on PC a while ago, promising hardcore, fast-paced, first-person action. The game features non-stop shooting…

DUSK, Retro FPS Officially Enters Into Early Access For $20
DUSK Early Access

New Blood Interactive announced that DUSK, the throwback retro-FPS game that pays homage to classics like Redneck Rampage, Quake I…

DUSK, Retro-FPS Set To Enter Early Access January 11th, 2018

New Blood Interactive and David Szymanski announced that DUSK has been delayed. Originally the retro first-person shooter was supposed to…

Dusk, Retro FPS Has You Fighting The KKK This October

David Szymanski’s Dusk is prepping to finalize development for its highly anticipated October 31st launch on Halloween later this year….

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