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E3 2017: Project CARS 2 Footage Covers Fog, Rally Races And McLaren Supercars
Project CARS 2

Some new footage of Project CARS 2 has surfaced from out of this year’s E3. We get to see some…

Best Of E3 2017: A Way Out – A Real Game For Real Gamers
A Way Out - Best of E3

There was only one game at E3 that stuck out, stuck with me, and wasn’t just a marketing ploy with…

Beyond Good And Evil 2 Runs On Voyager Engine, Been In Development 3 Years
Beyond Good and Evil 2

In an interview with IGN, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillmot and managing director Xavier Poix explained why it took so long…

E3 2017: Kingdom Come Deliverance Video Previews Dice Mini-Game, Melee Combat
Kingdom Come Deliverance

During E3 there was a 13 minute demonstration for Warhorse Studios’ Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The E3 demonstration showcases some of…

E3 2017: ROM Extraction Adds Aim Controller Support, New Weapons For PSVR Fall Launch
ROM Extraction PSVR

The upcoming PlayStation VR title ROM: Extraction from First Contact Entertainment is a tribute arcade-style shooter that uses the PlayStation…

E3 2017: How Super Mario Odyssey’s Local Co-op Works
Super Mario Odyssey Co-op

One of the big surprises that aired during Nintendo’s three day live-streaming event for all things Switch and 3DS was…

E3 2017: Hunt Showdown Combines Survival-Horror With PvP And Permadeath
Hunt Showdown

An E3 demonstration of Hunt: Showdown has showcased exactly how the game is played, some of the weapons players can…

E3 2017: Vampyr Trailer Focuses On Choices, Skals, And A Deranged Father

Focus Home Interactive and Dontnod Entertainment released a gameplay walkthrough for Vampyr, the third-person narrative-driven vampire game.

E3 2017: Agony Gameplay Preview Shows How True Horror-Survival Should Be
Agony E3 2017

The upcoming game Agony from developers MadMind Studios managed to make an appearance during this year’s E3. Both Agony and…

E3 2017: A Plague Tale: Innocence Sees Players Escaping From A Horde Of Killer Rats
A Plague Tale Innocence

Focus Home Interactive has really been stepping up their game in the mid-budget single A and double A space. The…

E3 2017: ARMS To Receive Max Brass In July, Spectator Mode This Month
ARMS - Max Brass

Free content is scheduled to arrive for ARMS directly after it releases tomorrow on Friday, June 16th. Later into the…

Todd Howard Says Elder Scrolls 6 Hasn’t Started Development Yet

Godd Howard has spoken once again, this means that we must gather around and inhale his lies… oops, I mean…

E3 2017: Project Code Shift Features Anime Sword-Fighting And Beautiful Animations
Project Code Shift

If you’ve been craving a game where you can play through an adventure featuring dynamic hack-and-slash, anime sword-fighting, you’ll probably…

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