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Fight Angel Is The Boob-Jiggling Fighting Game Dead Or Alive Fans Have Been Thirsting For
Fight Angel

Chinese development outfit, Red Fox Studio, has an unabashed, unashamed, uninhibited fighting game called Fight Angel that’s in the works….

End State Looks Like The Jagged Alliance Successor Fans Have Been Waiting For
End State Early Access

Iron Sight’s End State is an isometric, turn-based, modern military strategy game that takes a lot of the core concepts…

Deck Of Ashes Combines Dark-Fantasy RPG Adventuring With Strategy-Based Deckbuilding
Deck of Ashes

Russian developer AyGames is working on a new game called Deck of Ashes, which is a story-oriented, role-playing adventure game…

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare, Modern Military Mount And Blade-Style Sim Will Add Mod Support

KK Game Studio announced that as they near the finish line for the strategic first-person shooter game, Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare,…

Trident’s Wake, 4-Player Co-op Mech Shooter Enters Early Access On Steam
Trident's Wake

Publisher Graffiti Games and Argentinian studio Bacus Studios have announced that Trident’s Wake has entered into Early Access on Steam.

Don’t Starve: Hamlet Removes Warbucks Character For Being ‘Culturally Problematic’
Don't Starve Hamlet Warbucks

Klei Entertainment recently removed one of the playable characters in the Early Access game Don’t Starve: Hamlet. They posted about…

Starblazer, VR-RTS Game Lets You Build Your Own Fleets And Battle In Space

PRO2131 recently released Starblazer, a virtual reality RTS game, into Early Access over on the Steam store for $19.99.

Heat: Mount And Blade Meets Red Dead In New American Frontier Sim

Code}{atch’s latest outing is the Western survival simulator, Heat. The game is set during the American Frontier era, where the…

Bloody Spell, Nioh-Style Martial Arts-RPG Heads To Steam Early Access
Bloody Spell

Chinese game studios Sound & Vision Media along with Yi Long Games announced that Bloody Spell, a third-person, hack-and-slash, action-RPG,…

Bright Memory – Episode 1 To Hit PC Via Steam On January 11th

Bright Memory may be a Steam Early Access game that comes from a Chinese developer whose track record has nothing…

D.R.O.N.E., 6DOF Multiplayer Arena Shooter Enters Early Access On Steam

Back in the 1990s Descent was all the rage as the frontrunner of 3D 6DOF (six-degrees of freedom) games. Interplay’s…

RIP: Land-Air-Sea Aims To Become This Generation’s War Rock

There’s a new land, sea, and air action game in the works called RIP: Land-Air-Sea. It’s basically the new generation…

Wrench Gives You A Tour Of Mechanical Engineering As A Race Car Mechanic

Indie developers have been experimenting with all sorts of different kinds of games in different kinds of genres. One such…

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