The New Normal: The End of an Era of Social Justice Tyranny

Doubting the validity of the official narrative surrounding Covid-19 was met with complete ridicule when I was one of the few casting doubt on the official narrative. Now the experts in the United States and United Kingdom have admitted their models were entirely wrong. Compounding the issue of negligence on the part of officials failing even to check the methodology of these models is the rising issue that the lockdowns increased rather than decreased the number of people who died. Continue reading “The New Normal: The End of an Era of Social Justice Tyranny”

The Anatomy of the Gaming Industry: How Word of Mouth Causes Big Companies To Fail

There is too much defeatism spreading through the community as of late. Most of which centers around the defeatist mentality that postulates our actions and voting with our wallets is ineffective strategies. How we are ultimately unable to affect the course of the world with our actions and thus are merely leaves floating downstream at the mercy of the currents. What an absurd rhetoric! It is time we discussed the logistics of why our victory is inevitable and how companies do their best to hide poor sales. Continue reading “The Anatomy of the Gaming Industry: How Word of Mouth Causes Big Companies To Fail”

Editorial: GameStop isn’t Dying

They’re hard to miss, so by now you’ve probably seen the doom and gloom headlines of GameStop’s imminent demise. After all, they’re closing stores and have seen their revenue decline year over year, so it is inevitable as death is for the non-mortally challenged right? The long answer is rather complicated, but in the short term, no GameStop is not dying out, the company is course correcting. Continue reading “Editorial: GameStop isn’t Dying”

Editorial: The Corona Pandemic Will Reshape Entertainment Industry and Society

Over the course of the coming years, society will be profoundly reshaped by the events we see transpiring before us as a result of the Corona outbreak. We are living in times historians will call a major turning point in history, the catalyst that will in ways we can scarcely imagine today, change not just society, politics, and the economies of the world, but will impact the cultural expression of future generations. In meme circles, this will be known as what ended the Great Clown Age. Continue reading “Editorial: The Corona Pandemic Will Reshape Entertainment Industry and Society”

Editorial: Discussing Direct Pay-to-Win, Indirect Pay-to-Win and Cosmetics

With government intervention looming over the video game industry it is shocking there has not been a more earnest dialog about the nature of microtransactions. Though the topic is far from having been explored in depth by many commentators the underlying conceptions of the issues are often left unexplored. Continue reading “Editorial: Discussing Direct Pay-to-Win, Indirect Pay-to-Win and Cosmetics”

Editorial: The Chucklefish Accusations Examined

Now with the passage of time we can look back on the situation that has embroiled Chucklefish Games with a rigor that is often not possible during the initial bout of accusations and responses.  With impartiality and time to gather the facts and weigh the merits we can examine both sides of the controversy and that is what this editorial will attempt to do. Continue reading “Editorial: The Chucklefish Accusations Examined”

Editorial: Violent Video Games Do Not Create Violent Children!

Violent Games Don't Cause Violence

*Writer’s note: This article was originally written many years ago but I felt it needed to be seen by a larger audience so I have removed it from my personal blog and put it up here. Despite its age I it holds up pretty well as the arguments against violent video games never change. Only the people spouting them do.* Continue reading “Editorial: Violent Video Games Do Not Create Violent Children!”

Opinion: Mutatis Mutandis, Loot Boxes Are The Same Kind Of Gambling As TCG Booster Packs

Pokemon Card Packs

In the last few months there has been a lot of talk about having the US government step in and regulate loot boxes. This would be a huge mistake. You see, if the US government were to successfully draft and pass legislation to regulate loot boxes then it will open the door to having a lot more things regulated in the same manner. TCG booster packs, blind box toys, baseball and other trading cards, loot crates, and gacha machines all use the same core mechanics to separate you from your money. In other words, loot boxes are the same kind of gambling as booster packs, mutatis mutandis. Continue reading “Opinion: Mutatis Mutandis, Loot Boxes Are The Same Kind Of Gambling As TCG Booster Packs”

Editorial: What Intellivision Amico Needs To Accomplish To Be Successful

Intellivision Amico

[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Iswear12]

As you may (or more likely may not have noticed), the 80s and 90s wants to make a comeback in the form of the recently announced Intellivision Amico console. The console itself in terms of design and basic principles seems to be simultaneously modern and sleek with its Apple-esque appearance (even the controllers look similar to old ipods!), and white-and-grey color scheme, but also a throwback to the glory days of gaming with a focus on retro games and a desire to stay away from hulking 3D set piece games like Call of Duty or Red Dead Redemption. Continue reading “Editorial: What Intellivision Amico Needs To Accomplish To Be Successful”

New York Times Editor Callously Associates Gaming With White Nationalism

How Do you Do

“Assistant professor of game studies” Megan Condis published an article on on March 27th, 2019, in which she made several nonsensical, unreferenced claims inferring that there is a particular culture surrounding gaming that inevitably leads vulnerable young gamers to one of the perpetual boogeymen of leftist ideologues: white nationalism. The author did not neglect to also slyly demonize Pepe the Frog, who has for some time now been a part of the insane Anti-Defamation League’s “hate symbols” ideologically-driven database, alongside the Confederate Battle Flag, the old South African flag and abstractions and generalizations such as tattoos of “German phrases” and German soldiers and even of the word “hate” and the “not equal” sign. Continue reading “New York Times Editor Callously Associates Gaming With White Nationalism”

Editorial: The Unofficial Japanese Media Embargo

Japan Embargo

[Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Chaotic Thinker regarding the recent censorship and content suppression sweeping through the Japanese game development sector]

For a while we’ve been hearing, or rather reading, of multiple social media giants banning media for the sake of the children and that legal gray areas are a thing apparently and so platforms like Steam and PlayStation have banned and often harassed and bullied Japanese developers into censoring and often destroying their work and their clientele’s trust because of the rising intolerance of nudity on the Western Hemisphere of the planet. Continue reading “Editorial: The Unofficial Japanese Media Embargo”

Editorial: Insomniac’s Spider-Man IS political – but the media was too dumb to see it

Spider-Man Politics

[Editor’s note: This is a guest editorial from Ebicentre]

Earlier in September, 2018, the mainstream media attacked Insomniac’s PS4-exclusive Spider-Man, accusing it of promoting pro-police authoritarianism that ignores underlying issues with both the real-life New York Police Department and the nature of surveillance states. Of course, we already know this was a stupid argument for the media to make, only serving to further propel Insomniac’s game into the spotlight and continue its already titanic financial and critical success. For many people, the media’s follies didn’t affect their decision to purchase (or not purchase) the game; chances are you’re one of those people who already bought the game before you knew about any of the media’s attempts to stir up a social justice-oriented controversy. Continue reading “Editorial: Insomniac’s Spider-Man IS political – but the media was too dumb to see it”

Editorial: Could Sex Games Be Influencing VR Gaming?

VR Girlfriend

[Disclosure: This is a promotional guest editorial]

Virtual reality sex isn’t something that’s in the distant future, in fact it’s already here.

Like it or not, virtual reality porn is a large part of the VR experience, and is a main driving force for the technology. VR porn and video games make up more than 50% of the market and this unity is only going to get stronger. The line between VR video games, and VR porn is getting blurrier all the time. Continue reading “Editorial: Could Sex Games Be Influencing VR Gaming?”

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