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KURSK Gameplay Walkthrough
KURSK Walkthrough

Jujubee Games’ KURSK recently dropped for PC. It’s a game based on real life events that took place back on…

KURSK, Russian Atomic Sub Docu-Adventure Launches October 11th For PC

A documentary-style adventure game from Polish game developers, Jujubee Games Studios, called KURSK is due out later this year in…

Algo Bot, Edutainment Puzzle Game Helps Teach You Real Programming Skills
Algo Bot

Learning something new can be a daunting task, whether it be mountain climbing, biking, art, neurophysiology, or programming, these things…

Lingotopia Is A Game Where You Can Learn Up To 20 Different Languages

Developer Tristan Dahl from Berlin, Germany is working on a new project called Lingotopia, a language learning simulator that will…

The First Class VR Takes Players On A Journey Through Aeronautics History
The First Class VR

A new HTC Vive history simulator has been announced, which covers a wide range of aeronautical craft from the early…

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